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Creator’s Block ):

I want to speak to my creative beings today, I want to know what do you do when you’ve reached a block, not a mental block but something similar to writer’s block but associated with creative beings,

Do you go through moments when you don’t see in colour as you use to, yet you see grey like an entirely grey space that even  a pop of colour goes unnoticed?

Well I’ll be honest, I’ve hit that block or should I say I’m in that space and in small increments I realize that this is starting to sound like a hint of depression which  isn’t, and I need to put full disclaimer that I’m not dragging anyone who has depression but I’m just saying that as a creative  you do go through these moments when you feel uninspired.

I need colour in my life.

Whenever someone asks me to “describe your personality” I’m very quick to give a bold answer such us “Colourful” obviously I add more to it but that stands as I associate my creativity with colour.

I’ve heard that in order to possibly find inspiration is to go where it ( passion) all began or go on holiday, or you can speak to someone who has the potential to motivate you.

I’m still seeking for some inspiration