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Let’s take walk down memory lane as I unpack my Journey as a diabetic, so right know in sitting on two different types of insulin one short acting and one long acting and I can say I’m well on  my way to healing and creating a better future for myself with this illness.

Before I get deeper into my story I just want to share a few educational facts about diabetes Please check this link out and learn more about it, who knows you could possibly help someone in need.

Back to my story.

I’ve had diabetes for a good 6 years and trust me when I say it’s been an uphill battle, I’ve had 3 KDAs (ketoacidosis) I’ve gone through hypoglycemia 4 times and flat lined  twice, which I literally joke about this saying that I’m a die-hard because I skipped death a few times, nothing major.

I’m type-one-derful which means I was born with it and it only displayed itself twice in my life, in 2010 I was 13 and when they diagnosed it in 2014 and in that year I was turning 17.

The first time I had it I got the symptoms and went through the whole induction to only have a herbal cure and then it was dormant for a good 4 years then it came back and this time I was sent to high-care and I almost slipped into a coma.

Although I came back from that stronger than ever,I’ve had a bumpy road along the way. I’ve had an eye surgery for both my eyes because I had early cataracts and I encourage someone who needs it to inquire about it and get it done if possible.

I’m currently dealing with a very high body temperature and a small case of  temporary peripheral neuropathy.

I know that somewhere somehow a cure will be made and I’m on a quest to find it, I’m even willing to go the herbal route again. Whatever it takes to help myself and the people suffering from this auto-immune diseases. .