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“To whom it may concern”

That’s rather a tad bit formal for something that needs no greeting which appears and demands attention with no introduction necessary, well besides its symptoms which we all know are the very beginning of the pits.

I’m not going to beat around the bush, No. In fact I’m going to be blunt with you because I am really sick and tired of your nonsense. I’m tired of you creeping up when we least expect it, I have actually seen how you come into a bright room and leave it completely dark, I’ve seen you on the corners of my best friend’s beautiful smile, I’ve heard your echoes in my friend’s laugh and I’ve seen how red you leave their eyes red and their excuse is “I’m tired, I couldn’t get an ounce of sleep’.

Do you know what you’re actually doing or you’re just a experimenting with few specimens until you’ve found your purpose?

Well, I’ll tell you exactly what you’re doing because all you seem to do is claim innocent lives constantly without fail. You leave a happy family broken, you change a person’s perspective on life, and you make people build walls that are higher than they should be. You claim a colourful presence and turn it out to be grey, all you do is bring forth negativity and demand they give you their time.

All this and you’re not content?

Listen, I’m no fighter but granted a moment in a ring with you, I swear I would make you regret the day you set foot on this earth, I’m beyond done with you, I demand you to eradicate yourself from any equations you see yourself fit.



Tshepiso Mahoa